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Lead Based Paint - Part 2
The new regulation on lead-based paint  was published in the Federal Register on Earth Day, April 22nd. The new rule will take effect April 22nd, 2010. This rule addresses remodeling and renovation
projects which disturb more than six square feet of potentially contaminated painted surfaces for all residential and multi-family structures built prior to 1978 that are inhabited or frequented by pregnant
women, and children under the age of 6.

It requires a cleaning inspection after the work is completed and grants the remodeler flexibility in determining the size of the work area, which can reduce the size of the area subject to containment.

The EPA rule also lists prohibited work practices, including open-torch burning and using high-heat guns and high speed equipment such as grinders and sanders unless equipped with a HEPA filter.

Additionally, the rule establishes required lead-safe work practices, including posting warning signs for occupants and visitors; using disposable plastic drop cloths; cleaning the work are with HEPA
vacuuming and west washing; and individual certification through a training course.  The full rule and brochures for consumers and renovators can be downloaded from the
EPA's website.

A Summary of the Rule:

1. Training and Certification
Beginning in April 2010, firms working in pre-1978 homes will need to be certified. Along with the firm certification, an employee will also need to be certified as a Certified Renovator. This employee will be
responsible for training other employees and overseeing work practices and cleaning. Both the firm and the Certified Renovator certifications are valid for five years. A Certified Renovator must take a refresher
course to be re-certified.

2. Work Practices
Once work starts on a pre-1978 renovation, the Certified Renovator has a number of responsibilities. Before the work starts, this person must post warning signs outside the work area and supervise setting
up containment to prevent spreading dust. The rule lists specific containment procedures for both interior and exterior projects. It forbids certain work practices such as open-torch burning and high-heat guns.
Once the work is completed, the regulation specifies cleaning and waste disposal procedures. Clean up procedures must be supervised by a Certified Renovator.

3. Verification and Record Keeping
After clean up is complete, the Certified Renovator must verify the cleaning by matching a cleaning cloth with an EPA verification card. If the cloth appears dirtier than the card, then the cleaning must be

A complete file of records on the project must be kept by the Certified Renovator for three years. These records include, but not limited to: verification of owner/occupant receipt of the Renovate Right pamphlet
or attempt to inform, documentation of work practices, Certified Renovator certification, and proof of worker training.

4. Exemptions
It is important to note that these work practices may be waived under these conditions:

*        The home or child occupied facility was built after 1978.
*        The repairs are minor, with interior work disturbing less than six square feet or exterior work disturbing less than 20 square feet being exempt.
*        The house or components test lead-free by a Certified Risk Assessor, Lead Inspector or Certified Renovator.

To learn more, visit the
EPA's website.

Steel City Home Improvement is a "Lead-Safe Certified Firm" and has received certification to conduct lead-based paint renovation, repair and painting
activities. Steel City also has TWO Certified Lead Renovators on staff: President, Bob Popovich, as well as another employee, Steve Earnhart. They both
received certification as Certified Lead Renovators in January 2010. Steel City is committed to safety and cares about its customers, customers' families and
even their pets!
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